Abiqua Falls, Oregon

After driving on the wrong road, twice, then driving up the correct road which is in very bad conditions, breaking my car's front sway bar, we got to the trailhead the lead us to the amazingly beautiful falls. The rock formations on the back makes it look like it's from another world, it was worth the trouble to get there.

Portland Oregon Fireworks

Even though sometimes I think fireworks photos are a cliche, I thought, hey, I haven't done fireworks photos in more than a decade! and my beautiful city's skyline deserve's to be photographed. To get to this viewpoint we had to climb down the river shore away from the crowds, avoiding the spiky plants in the narrow path. It was one of the best fireworks show I've seen, only because of the beautiful Portland skyline as the backdrop.

Smith Rock

This is the view you get as soon as you get out of your car when arriving to Smith Rock National Park. This nature beauty provides beautiful hike and climbing options and breathtaking views of the valley.

St. Johns Bridge & Cathedral Park

An scenic view of the St. Johns Bridge from the Cathedral Park in Portland Oregon. The fog and a plain complement the landscape giving it more impact to the viewer.

Cathedral Park

An exquisite view form the Cathedral Park in Portland Oregon, where the St. Johns bridge pass right over the park. Dramatic sky and black a and white makes this shot great for printing and make it part of your living room.

The Golden Gate Cable

This is the part of the bridge that impressed me the most: the fact that this cable is holding this thing!

Under The St. Johns Bridge

Photo taken at the Cathedral Park, under the St. Johns Bridge using a fisheye.


Vina Del Mar used to be my college town. It's a beautiful city located in the central area of Chile. These buildings always called my attention so I decided to get an HDR of them right after the sunset. I took this photo about 5 years ago and I used my basic Canon S3IS and photomatix.

Tulum Ruins

Two days before our wedding in the wonderful Dreams Tulum Resort and Spa in June last year, we went for a hike at the Tulum Ruins. I decided to pull out my tobaco graduated filter, my 18-200mm and try some shots. This is the result.

Seattle's Moon

On my first visit to Seattle, during a beautiful summer day, I went to the Space Needle right before the golden hour. The landscape was beautiful, the moon was adorning the cityscape and Mount Rainier. I used a Canon 18-200mm at its widest and an ling exposure of around 15 secs. I held the camera against the metallic structure that keeps you from falling down. I post processed it and added the
sepia-like effect using Aperture.